An artist's rendition of Mr. Ocean

Billy Ocean AKA Billt Osen AKA whatever other thousands of nicknames he has is a extra cool guy and pot smoker.


Billy was born somewhere in some southerly direction, and needed glasses. He eventually found a big hole in his life. This hole was filled in the most awkward way possible by a wiki. Billy's sandbox wiki became, with the help of EB and Carlt...I mean Cartman!, the Safari Zone. The OG Safari Zone was shot out of the sky by the US Military, because it contained top secret information on PRISM, years before this Snowden guy (who looks like my friend John's brother Zac) was even around. Billy is the Anansi of all jokes and hilarious anecdotes, as well as being the mentor and muse of anyone cool you've ever met. He also left his wallet once in El Segundo.


  • Baby kangaroos in his pouch
  • Potato Salad at 4 AM
  • Wolf Blizter
  • Birds
  • Starlito


  • Cats
  • Scarface
Filepicker 4ADxRhIDTS6gJvfM8ruZ frank ocean

Billy's brother; Frank Ocean

  • Coffee
  • Lil Vulpes

Current list of "Billy" nicknamesEdit

  • billy ocean
  • billy however
  • billy got back
  • billy bokassa
  • billy two times
  • wild bill
  • billy homeowner
  • mr. popo
  • billy blase
  • billy pizza pie
  • billy furio
  • billy bada bing
  • napakiin
  • dolla dolla billy yall
  • wooly billy
  • lolbilly
  • billuigi (possibly just Waluigi)
  • Billy korsfararen I
  • biley osen
  • billy kasem
  • billy garuda, billy mothman, etc
  • billy wonka/tonka
  • aka midnight killah aka gentleman assassin aka phantom artist
  • biley osen, ocen, etc
  • billt oxen etc
  • old billy lee (old bull lee)
  • aquamarine gene
  • billy bust balls
  • billy gilman
  • chris ocean
  • hotbillyocean
  • bokhyllan billy (some kind of swede ikea bookcase)
  • bile occam
  • belleoshan
  • billy everyteen
  • DOLADOLADOLA(ancient swahili for bilt oxn)
  • potato bag billy
  • brighton billy, brighton beach billy
  • billy tell
  • slim william
  • kim jong bill
  • billy wan kenobi, ole bill kenobi
  • weekend at billys
  • billy etc

Billy's favorite songEdit

wiki is being gay

A short film starring Billy OceanEdit


Get your shine on - written and directed by Billy Ocean