An odd screenshot of the Boltonparte Empire at the height of their power.

The Boltonparte Empire, ruled by the enigmatic Bimmie James (related to Woolie James), was once the largest empire in the world, reaching all corners of the globe. Every nation in the world was under the rule of the Boltonparte Empire at the peak of their power. However, the Bearspiders returned from a 500 year long hibernation and began to take back their homeland of Bearspidertopia, prompting the world-wide Boltonparte Empire Uprising that lasted for 6 years.

Rise to powerEdit

Before the Boltonparte Empire was world wide there were two other large empires: The BillyOcean Russian Empire and The Empire of Cartmanjaro. The Boltonparte and The BillyOcean Russian Empire under the rule of HotBillyOcean had good relations and created a bid to take over the world together and oust The Empire of Cartmanjaro under HotBlackbeard. Everything went according to plan, HotBillyOcean moved in from Eastern Europe and Bimmie James attacked from North America. However, by the wars end, HotBillyOcean suffered severe losses across the globe. He gave his life and his mens lives so the Boltonparte Empire could reign supreme. It was truly a noble victory.


Literally days after the ascension to world dominance they were attacked by a massive force of Bearspiders seeking revenge for the betrayal of their Cartish allies and the vandalism of their homeland during their hibernation, and the entire empire was destroyed in a few days time. The entire Bolton/James families were rounded up and executed publicly by having webs shot into their eyes and then were juggled on unicycles. They were juggled so fast that their organs literally collapsed into themselves, forming blackholes.