Esteban the Trickster is a member of the Triumvirate Pantheon. His true nature is debated among believers, often accused of devilry and being a crazy French person, thus he is rarely venerated as other members of the pantheon are. He commonly takes the physical form of a short Black Mexican troll-like creature.

Creation and HistoryEdit

Esteban is said to have first appeared the first time an individual attempted to create an emotional response from their own (often false) statements and beliefs for amusement, approximately 12,000,000 years ago. This first person was touched with, according to the Apostles of the Triumvirate, either a beam from heaven, a light from hell, or Dave from the bingo hall's penis, and the man transformed into Esteban as we know him today.

Ever since that moment, he has roamed his realm mocking and fooling his stranger subjects, having caused such notable events as the Second Bearspider-Bolton Massacre, the assassination and subsequent deification of Hardman, and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Esteban FollowersEdit

Worshippers of Esteban are often looked down upon by the mainstream Triumvirate Pantheon clergy. They are known as "Estebanologists", and "Estebanners" as a common slur. It is not uncommon to see them walking the streets, being pelted by used condoms and chicken giblets.


  • Some day, I will own this place.
  • Mother fuckair!
  • I don't think that is how gender works my friend.
  • Yes.
  • I am unicorn.
  • What a disgusting individual.
  • This is a wonderful home. What are you doing in my home?
  • I will have you banned.
  • Assist the man in the background, he's dying.
  • My friend, you are sick.
  • My friend, you are pedophile.
  • We could have been the greatest of friends, but now we will become the greatest of enemies.
  • I cannot leave what belongs to me, does man own the rivers and mountains as well? It is all god's ownership.
  • I've informed him of the same thing - but with you.
  • Bang bang skeet skeet, I will never leave.
  • You could carve president's head into these biceps baby.
  • Did you just call me Lord Fuckhead?
  • Motherfuckair I am Linden Labs.