Lil B is an ocean, stay out the water.

- Lil B

Welcome to the Safari Zone WikiEdit

The goal of the Safari Zone wiki is to provide accurate and informative information into the fictional universe of The Ebilman/ The Triumvirate.

The Safari Zone is the only official and blessed Triumvirate sanctioned wiki, accept no substitute (accept all prostitute). Welcome to hell.


I fuck who I want and fuck who I don't.

- Lil Wayne

The Triumvirate is a loose collection of 3 very disturbed individuals (Woolie James , ??? and Cartman) and their half Hispanic illegitimate son pool boy monkey Papper

Latest activityEdit

Dicks and vaginas are a great way to add erections to your wiki. Find videos about your fetish by exploring Wikia's Video Library.

[tinytext] hit that nigga with a heart attack stick[/tinytext]


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