Raw Video Marines Afghanistan Firefight

Raw Video Marines Afghanistan Firefight


The Battle of Sandy was one of the single most important events in human history. The battle raged on for 5 days of constant fighting through the streets of Sandy, Utah (hometown of the legendary Jewman). There were two opposing sides of the battle the League of Rock Chippers and The Mormons, who were the two most powerful and influential factions in all of Sandy.

Start of the BattleEdit

It all began on August 30th, 2013 at approx. 1 o' clock pacific time. The legendary Jewman had seen a video of the love of his life, Zooly, getting pounded hard in her puxxy hole. Enrage and extremely turned on, all the blood in Jewmans brain rushed directly to his dick and spawned a massive errection that burst through the roof into the skyline of Sandy.

Realizing their prophecy had been completed, their lord and savior Jewman had fulfilled his destiny by seeing Zooly's vagina, the League of Rock Chippers decided it was time and they quickly mobilized their troops and attacked the Mormons head church (that was also siphoning electricity from all around Sandy to resurrect their founder, Joseph Smith). The first attack was brutal and destroyed all of the Mormon Marine Corp.

The battle continued for several days at a standstill, one day the Mormons would lose territory and then gain it back the next and vice versa.

The Final PushEdit

The League of Rock Chippers had recieved a massive moral boost when their received word that their lord and savior, Jewman, had successfully reached the bank and was able to cash his paycheck. Realizing this was a time like no other, the league made a final push and destroyed all the Mormon churches in one single, continuous attack.


The Battle was over but life in Sandy was far from normal. The battle had ravaged city so badly it led to a decay of social order. Riots, looting, calling people names, kids skateboarding on the side-walk, the city had become a living nightmare. Things finally began to settle down once the League of Rock Chippers firmly placed their foothold in the city, little did they know that moments before the destruction of the Mormon Mega Church, the best and brightest Mormon Scientist Kody Brown of the hit show Sister Wives had managed to bring back Joseph Smith. Word began to spread around Sandy of a secret rebel Mormon faction acting at night, recuiting, growing. Some theories believe that this rouge element of Mormons still exist in the dark depths of Sandy, Utah, these claims have yet to be p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-proven.