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Wilberforce (full title: Wilberforce, Demon Hare, PhD, OBE, MP, BBW, POV, DP, CMNF) is a member of the Triumvirate Pantheon. He is the former companion of Cartman, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. Of infernal origins, he commonly took the form of a fearsome red demonic hare. Wilberforce accompanied the Triumvirate on their adventures during the short lifespan of the Kingdom of Cartland, shortly before the futile betrayal and disruptions of the one known only as "Ragemann", the event that prompted Cartman to close the portal into Cartland.

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  • Squeak. (Translated: I am going to kill all of you, slaughter your children, burn your parents, and take your widows as my brides.)
  • I like pepsi over coke